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Hearing Loss

Understanding Hearing Loss If you’ve been diagnosed with hearing loss, you may be feeling overwhelmed. Chances are, you’ve got misconceptions about this condition. Understanding loss of hearing will improve your chances of successful treatment. The Facts About Hearing Loss Patients with loss are hardly alone. This is a very common condition that affects one-third of…

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Real Ear Verification

Are you satisfied with the performance of your hearing aid? Do you feel the quality meets your expectations? Unless your audiologist relied on real-ear verification during the fitting process, your hearing device may not be living up to its full potential. When fitting patients for hearing aids, real-ear measurements provide a level of accuracy unavailable…

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Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are compact devices that bring sound into the ear and amplify it. There are many styles and features that help improve mild to severe hearing loss. Hearing aids can help you hear better in both quiet and noisy situations. They even connect with other devices to make telephone conversations, music and television shows…

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