Practice the Buddy System When Having Your Hearing Tested

If you’re planning on having a hearing test in San Diego, it’s a good idea to bring along a close companion such as a spouse or family member. Having somebody there who is familiar with you can provide your audiologist with valuable information when developing a treatment plan.

The Benefits of Having a Companion

An older couple happily looking at each other

Despite the widespread prevalence of hearing loss – approximately 48 million Americans are affected, a number that translates to roughly one out of every five people in San Diego – a lot of folks don’t even recognize the signs of impairment. The condition develops so gradually, it takes an average of seven years for a person to seek treatment after the onset of symptoms.

This is one reason why having somebody come along with you to your audiology appointment is so helpful. Hearing loss doesn’t just affect the person suffering physically – it’s a problem for the whole family. A 2009 study illustrates its wide-reaching effects; a survey of 1,500 people with hearing loss found the following:

  • 44 percent said relationships with their partner, friends or family had suffered because of their hearing impairment
  • 34 percent said they had lost touch with friends or seen their marriage come to an end as a direct result of communication issues involving hearing loss
  • 69 percent said hearing loss interfered with their ability to participate in everyday conversations, and over half reported they felt left out of social situations

A spouse or family member knows you better than anybody else. Not only will they lend emotional support in what is sure to be an emotionally charged time in your life, they can provide your audiologist with feedback on the extent of your hearing loss and its effects on your (and their) everyday life – information that is key to coming up with a solution that addresses everybody’s concerns. If you have never sat down and had a serious conversation with your loved one about this before, you can learn a lot from having them there.

A companion can also help you choose a hearing aid if one is prescribed for your hearing loss. With so many different models available, narrowing down your choices can be intimidating. Having somebody with you to discuss the pros and cons of different options and features, not to mention making important financial decisions together, can help make the process a lot less stressful.

If you or somebody in your family is having trouble hearing, make sure to see an audiologist in San Diego as soon as possible – and don’t go alone!

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