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San Diego Hearing Center

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by M.R. on San Diego Hearing Center

Audiologist Robert Ellis brings to the table not only expertise and skill, but the ability to explain and great patience.

by L.M. on San Diego Hearing Center

The treatment, care and compassion I received from Audiologist Kathleen Grichar was amazing. She went out of her way to assist me, and she was very pleasant during my first experience with an audiologist. Her office staff, Darlyn (hopefully spelled correctly) processed my medical claim quickly and she did all the work. Highly recommended.

by B.J. on San Diego Hearing Center

She was kind enough to take the time to explain my hearing loss, its causes and my options to improve my hearing. Together, we chose hearing aids that have been a blessing to me and my family. I can actually hear again and enjoy going out in public.

by A.E. on San Diego Hearing Center

Harry and I so appreciate your time and the information you gave us. You have a gift for explaining things well. An added bonus is that Harry has been wearing his hearing aids much, much more even at home! Thank you! Thank you!

by B.K. on San Diego Hearing Center

In my 28 years of wearing hearing aids I’ve had several audiologists in several states. You are the best I’ve ever had. As I live out the rest of my life I’ll feel peace in knowing you will be there to help me hear what’s going on in the world.

by J.I. on San Diego Hearing Center

She actually listened to me and helped me choose the right hearing aid for my hearing loss, lifestyle and budget and she was so patient with my questions. As a result, I can hear better than I have in years.