How Hearing Aids Will Help Your Career

The average US citizen is staying in the workforce longer than in previous generations. One consequence of this trend has been an increase of hearing impaired employees. Due to social stigma, a high percentage of people avoid seeking immediate treatment for their condition, choosing instead to cope with their hearing loss privately. However, the use of hearing aids can improve many areas of your life, including your professional performance.

hearing loss and your career
Improved communication.

Most professions involve a fair amount of communication, and the hearing impaired are often at a disadvantage in these situations. A study conducted by the Better Hearing Institute showed employees struggled the most when speaking over the phone or conversing with co-workers. Wearing hearing aids improves your ability to hear others and leads to more effective communication.


Decreased cognitive load.

Hearing loss effects more than your ability to hear sound. The auditory system also involves areas of the brain, which are responsible for processing and decoding sounds. A hearing impairment places additional strain on these areas of the brain, which can negatively impact job performance. A study by The University of Texas at El Paso demonstrated that using hearing aids decreases cognitive load, which results in improved memory and processing speed.


Increased confidence.

A loss of hearing can be harmful to self-perception and confidence. This is often due to social stigma, and impaired ability to communicate with others. Many worry that wearing hearing aids will make them self-conscious; however, studies repeatedly show that listening devices improve confidence and leads to a more positive outlook.


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