Four Fantastic Types of Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing aids are a valuable investment in your health and wellbeing. Sometimes to maximize the effectiveness of your hearing aids you need to add accessories. Let’s examine four hearing aid accessories that improve hearing aid performance and enhance your hearing health.

Drying Boxes

Hearing aids are exposed to a lot of elements day in and day out. Humidity, moisture and earwax can build up on your device over time. This type of exposure can eventually cause your hearing aid’s performance to weaken. Studies have shown that hearing aids exposed to more humidity were more likely to experience receiver failure.

One way to mitigate these effects is to store your hearing aids in a drying box at night while you sleep. Drying boxes are small boxes similar to jewelry boxes that use heat and air to dry your hearing aids.  Drying boxes can both remove excess moisture as well as bacteria from your hearing aids, leading to better performance and a longer lifespan. Some drying boxes also double as chargers if you use rechargeable hearing aids.

Earwax Filters

Earwax filters, or earwax guards, prevent earwax from entering the hearing aid. Much like moisture, earwax is another leading cause of damage to electronic components of your device. Earwax filters help prolong the life of your hearing aids and provide you with clear, quality sound.

Wireless Accessories

phone connecting to bluetooth

Wireless accessories utilize Bluetooth™ to connect your hearing aids with the world around you. They are discreet and are great at helping you hear better in situations where there is a lot of background noise or distance between you and the sound you want to hear. For example, wireless microphones let you tune in and hear what speakers are saying in large venues like a work seminar at the San Diego Convention Center.

Charging Stations


Some people prefer rechargeable hearing aids to those powered by standard, disposable batteries because of the convenience they offer. For those with rechargeable hearing aids, a charging station is essential. It takes away the hassle of having to deal with prying open battery compartments. Users can simply place their hearing aids in the cradle for a few hours to get a full day’s worth of listening time. If you are constantly on the go, traveling, or simply don’t want to deal with the hassle, a charging station is an excellent investment to simplify your hearing aid routine.

If you have questions about these or other hearing aid accessories or wish to schedule an appointment with a hearing professional, contact San Diego Hearing Center today.

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