Do You Have Hearing Loss?

While there are 48 million people in San Diego and around the country with hearing loss, it may be surprising to learn that many of these individuals would answer no to this question. That is because hearing loss is a progressive condition. It appears gradually over time so some simply do not realize they are losing their hearing.

As with any medical condition, the earlier you catch it the better the results. Below are the top five symptoms of hearing loss your San Diego audiologist thinks you should be aware of.

Top 5 Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Having trouble following conversations with background noise.

Do You Have Hearing Loss?

It should come as no surprise that it is harder to carry on a conversation in a busy café than it is in a quiet room. Those with hearing loss find it even more challenging, as their brain has to work harder to distinguish speech from sounds. This can lead to both mental and physical exhaustion.

Missing part of the conversation.

First you’ll notice you are missing bits and pieces here and there. Then, you will start asking people to repeat themselves, as you are missing larger sections that you can’t simply fill in from other context clues. Think this is frustrating for you? Turns out it is just as frustrating on their end. Contact your San Diego audiologist today to alleviate the burden you are placing on your family and friends.

Feeling like others mumble when they speak.

A common complaint heard by San Diego audiologists is that everyone around their patient has started to mumble. While we don’t want to discount the possibility that everyone in your life has become a mumbler overnight, the most likely scenario is that it is you. Hearing loss makes it harder for you to hear others, especially women and children.

Turning the volume on the television up.

Turning on the television should not be a life or death situation. But for those who are living with someone who has untreated hearing loss, it might just be. You may not notice, but if you have control over the remote control you will typically turn the volume up until you can comfortably hear it. This volume level is much too loud for others. Don’t make your family members live in fear. Contact your San Diego audiologist today.

Avoiding social gatherings.

Untreated hearing loss can lead to feelings of depression, anxiety and loneliness. These feelings can often escalate when you begin to turn down invitations to social events, as it is just easier to stay home than trying to communicate with others.

Need more convincing that you may have hearing loss? Try our online hearing test.

Contact your San Diego audiologist today to learn more about hearing loss or to schedule an appointment.

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