Dating with Hearing Loss

Dating is hard enough; add hearing loss into the mix and the whole thing seems daunting. But San Diego audiologists agree that with a few little tweaks to the process, you can date to your heart’s content. Below are our top tips.

Location is King

Dating with Hearing LossJust like in real estate, picking the right date spot will make or break the outing. We recommend scoping out locations well in advance, with the hope of finding a quieter place that is well lit and has good acoustics.

Creative Dates Are More Fun

Be creative with your date ideas. Maybe instead of going to that popular (and loud) bar you can opt for a walk in the park, a one-on-one dinner or even a game night at home. All of these ideas are not only quieter but also offer a little something extra. This will lead to a more memorable evening and show that you put in effort.

Be Punctual

Don’t be afraid to get there early. This will give you time to pick a good table (preferably one far away from the kitchen and other loud areas). Choose a seat where your back can be to the wall, as it will help prevent background noise from interfering in your conversation. Also, if you ask nicely some places will turn down the music.

Be Upfront

While it is certainly your decision when you want to disclose your hearing loss, our San Diego audiologist recommends the sooner the better. Some even put this information in their profile (if online dating). You will want a partner who is understanding; if they can’t get through the first date then they are obviously not in it for the long run. Letting people know up front will help narrow down the pool of applicants.

There is More Than Just the Telephone

This probably goes without saying but it has never been this easy to communicate without talking. Texting, emails and even video calls are all elevating how those with hearing loss can communicate better. Between dates, why not use one of these methods to get to know them better.

As you can see, having hearing loss does not have to prevent you from dating. For more information about living your best life with hearing loss, contact your San Diego audiologist.

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