Can Hearing Aids Help Your Marriage?

Hearing loss is associated with a number of physical and sociological side effects. Not only can it negatively impact your health, but it might also be bad for your relationship. San Diego couples who believe their partners never listen to them may have a valid point when one of them returns from the grocery store without the eggs and milk the other asked for, but before you schedule an appointment with the nearest divorce court, consider the possibility that the problem doesn’t involve a lack of listening so much as an inability to hear.

Hearing Loss in San Diego

In San Diego and across the country, hearing loss is a major health concern. Approximately 48 million Americans experience some degree of hearing loss, making it the third most common physical health condition in the U.S. – ranking behind arthritis and heart disease. One out of three people aged 65 experiences hearing loss; by the age of 75, that number jumps to half.

Hearing loss isn’t just confined to older adults; noise-induced hearing loss – caused by excessive noise exposure – affects individuals of all ages. Ever enjoy a boat ride across San Diego Bay, cheer on the Chargers during a rowdy home game, or catch a live concert at the House of Blues? If so, unless you’ve been diligent with wearing ear protection, you’ve probably been exposed to potentially dangerous noise levels that could cause permanent harm. So, before you accuse your significant other of ignoring your “honey do” list, you might want to give them the benefit of the doubt!

How Can I Tell if My Spouse is Simply Ignoring Me?

Married Couple Struggling with Hearing Loss

Few of us would choose cleaning the garage on a Sunday afternoon in October when there’s a football game on. But it’s possible that we just didn’t hear your request. Hearing loss develops gradually, and many people are unaware of their condition for quite some time. In fact, it takes the average San Diego resident with hearing loss seven years to seek help.

If your spouse is showing any of the following signs, they may be having trouble hearing:

  • Frequently asking you to repeat yourself.
  • Complaining that others mumble when they speak.
  • Having trouble holding a conversation when background noise is present.
  • Watching television or listening to music with the volume turned up uncomfortably high.

If any of these are the case, you should schedule an appointment with a San Diego audiologist as soon as possible. The quicker hearing loss is diagnosed, the better the odds of a long-term solution – and you’re more likely to celebrate those milestone wedding anniversaries, as well.

Hearing Aids to the Rescue

Numerous studies show that hearing aid users enjoy an improved quality of life. In fact, the biggest benefit appears to be in the users’ social lives – including relationships! All relationships require work, but when hearing loss is contributing to your problems, hearing aids can save your marriage.

If you or your spouse is experiencing hearing loss in San Diego, schedule an appointment with your local audiologist as soon as possible.

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