7 Reasons to Get a Hearing Test

Hearing loss affects more than 48 million people and is the third most common chronic health condition among U.S. adults, after arthritis and heart disease. Hearing loss, in most cases, is also easy to treat with hearing aids. If you suspect you may have hearing loss, here are seven reasons you should finally schedule a hearing exam.

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1. Hearing Tests Are Quick & Easy

Hearing tests are totally painless and typically take less than an hour to complete. Also, most insurance companies fully cover hearing tests, so yours should be free.

2. Untreated Hearing Loss Is Linked to Cognitive Decline

A number of studies by Johns Hopkins have shown a strong link between untreated hearing loss and cognitive decline. People with moderate hearing loss were shown to have three times higher risk of developing dementia than those with normal hearing. Fortunately, a more recent study has shown that treating hearing loss can reverse cognitive decline.

3. Hearing Loss Can Be a Warning Sign

Besides dementia, a number of other conditions have been linked to hearing loss. Hearing loss can indicate the presence of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and more. Identifying hearing loss may be the first step in diagnosing an underlying condition.

4. Poor Hearing = Poor Balance

If you can’t hear well, you’re less aware of your surroundings, making you more susceptible to falls and other accidents. In addition, the inner ear is responsible for not only helping you hear, but also for helping you balance. If your inner ear is malfunctioning, balance problems may result.

5. Treating Hearing Loss Means More Social Interactions

When people experience hearing loss, they may unknowingly withdraw from social interactions they once found enjoyable. Having conversations in restaurants, talking on the phone and attending religious services can all be much more difficult if your hearing loss goes undiagnosed and untreated.

6. More Social Interactions Decreases Risk of Depression

People who withdraw socially are more likely to experience depression. Hearing loss can impact many aspects of your life, including your relationships, confidence and job performance – all of which are factors in mental and emotional wellbeing.

7. Baseline Hearing Tests Are Important

Even if you pass your hearing test with flying colors, it’s important to have a baseline hearing test as a point of reference. As you age, your chances of developing hearing loss increase exponentially. Having a baseline test can help your provider monitor any changes in your hearing over time.

Remember, there is nothing to lose by getting a hearing test! To schedule yours, call San Diego Hearing Center today!

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