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San Diego Hearing Center is a team of hearing healthcare professionals providing hearing and hearing aid services to the greater San Diego area.


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Welcome to San Diego Hearing Center

San Diego Hearing Center treats patients on an individual basis with their unique ear acoustics in mind, which is why we offer real-ear verification. Real-ear verification takes into account an individual’s unique anatomy, such as ear canal volume, to provide a true measurement of a hearing aid’s effectiveness to treat that patient’s specific hearing loss. This efficacy evaluation is also available for hearing aids fit elsewhere.

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    Hearing Aids

    Today’s hearing aids are compact devices with the basic function of bringing sound into the ear and amplifying it in order for your brain to process the sounds around you. There are a vast array of styles and features to help with mild, moderate and severe hearing loss and improve hearing in both quiet and noisy situations. Though the basic components of how hearing aids work have not changed much over the years, the technology, options and connectivity solutions have vastly improved. Now able to connect seamlessly to other devices such as smartphones, modern hearing aids can do far more for the wearer than ever before.

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    Hearing Loss

    When you suffer from hearing loss, not only is your quality of life affected, you are also at risk for serious mental and physical health issues. Depression, anxiety, social isolation and dementia are just a few of the complications associated with untreated hearing loss. Patients who do not seek treatment for their condition are more likely to experience stress, irritability and memory loss. They often contend with low self-confidence and an increased risk to personal safety. Personal relationships suffer. Those who end up using hearing aids report improvements in all of these areas.

    Seeking help for your hearing loss is a proven solution to improving many aspects of your life. Your loved one’s benefit, as well. It’s worth the effort to see how hearing aids can change your life for the better.

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    Hearing Protection

    26 million Americans have noise-induced hearing loss. Harmful noise levels can be found in many situations in our lives, and the resulting hearing loss is permanent. The good news is there are ways that you can protect your ears from harmful noise levels and prevent permanent hearing loss. Earmuffs and earplugs are a great solution for hearing protection. They can muffle the sound to a reasonable level or completely cancel the noise altogether. San Diego Hearing Center provides custom earplugs that are precisely fit for you—the wearer—providing maximum protection and comfort. Whether you work in construction, the music industry or just are exposed to harmful noises, we can offer the right solution for you to protect and preserve your hearing.

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